Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 15

Day 15: Elisheva
Age: 21
Major: Photography
Hometown: Houston
Connection to me: I am me!

     For Day 15 I wanted to do something different . Richard gave me the idea to do myself, being that I myself am also a student. However I wanted to include everyone I had interviewed in it as well, so I had everyone ask me some questions and combined them. I am missing 4 people. Unfortunately, I never saw Hawwa, Edrick, Hussein, and Jeff again. I do want to thank all the students who sat with me, answered my questions and allowed me to post them. I learned so much from this project. I learned that every person is a world. I learned that you really can't judge a book by its cover and I learned that though we all may be in one classroom together, at the end of the day, each person goes home to their life, to their world. Thank-you to the students who let us see a part of their world.

Gino: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Me: I see myself either living here, China or in Israel. I will probably G-d willing be a mother and either be working for myself or a newspaper/magazine.
Gino: If photography doesn't work out what is your plan b? 
Me: I think I am ambitious enough to make photography work for me no matter what. If for some reason it falls through I can always open my own dance studio and teach dance. I can also just be a mother. :)
Julia: If you had to pick either being skinny and poor or fat and rich, which would you pick?
Me: How fat? :/
Vladimir: Would you still believe in religion if there was life on another planet or if you had taken a philosophy class?
Me: Yes.
James: What would you want for your last meal?
Me: Greek salad! I'll eat it any day ;)
Yenter: What made you fall in love with photography? And how did your husband become an artist?
Me: I always thought photography was the coolest thing, even as a little kid. My favorite thing to photograph is people because each person is so different and has their own story. My husband, unlike me has never had any formal training in art. He is just naturally talented. 
Yenter: Is there a place you really want to go to and take pictures?
Me: No where in particular. I love to travel and will go anywhere if given the opportunity.
Emma: Have the people you interviewed over the past few weeks had an impact on you? If so, is it good or bad?
Me: It has impacted me and for the good. I've learned so much from each of you and now look at people differently.
Emma: The only Jewish guy you interviewed was gay. As an orthodox Jew, does that bother you a little bit?
Me: A. He has Jewish blood, but he is not considered Jewish because his mother is not Jewish. B. No it doesn't bother me. People are people and everyone has their own battles.
Richard: Tell me about being Jewish and what it means to you.
Me: Being Jewish means acting, dressing, eating and living in a Jewish way. Unlike most religions, Judaism affects every aspect of life from clothes to dinner to what you do on the weekends. To me being Jewish means that I am a part of G-d's chosen people and therefore I have to live up to it. 
Brittany: Would you wear kinky fetish (bondage)?
Me: No, would you?
Brittany: Yeah but its expensive.
Sana: Whats the craziest thing that happened to you?
Me: I met and married my husband at 19 years old.
Sarah: What event or change in life will make you feel as if you've accomplished your lifetime aspiration.
Me: I guess to have my work published in a prestigious magazine or newspaper would be pretty awesome.


  1. yay shevs!!! you're the cutest! i miss you so much, you better be living in Israel within 5 years....ehhemm...

  2. I know, I know, I just don't want to say it and then end up being disappointed. Remember you bought me this hat!?

  3. So awesome, Sheva! This was an amazing project. I'm inspired. To do what, I don't know, yet, but I'm inspired nonetheless.

    You should be able to fulfill all of your dreams, as you deserve only the best.

    I am bursting with pride for you. Incredible job! A+


  4. I had a really long day today and then i saw this post and it made me smile :D….

    Shevs…. amazing series…. I looked forward and looked out as to when you posted a new one….