Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 10

Day 10: Richard
Age: 18
Major: Premedicine
Hometown: Sanbernardino, California
Connection to me: Biology

Me: What religion are you?
Richard: Reform Judaism
Me: How are you Jewish?
Richard: I have Jewish ancestry but my mom's not Jewish. My maternal grandfather was Jewish from Germany and my grandmother was black.
Me: Do you know that according to Orthodox Jews, to be Jewish you're mom has to be Jewish?
Richard: Yeah, I know.
Me: Can you tell me about being gay?
Richard: Umm its fun and exciting. I came out when I was 16. My mom accepts me and is cool with it. I'm currently talking/dating this guy who is half black, half native American.
Me: How old were you when you realized you were gay?
Richard: As long as I can remember.  Guys would be like "Oh she's cute!" and I'd say "No, I don't like girls."
Me: Do you want kids?
Richard: Yes, probably through in vitro.
Me: In a gay relationship, does one spouse end up taking the more female role and the other the more masculine role or is it pretty even?
Richard: It depends on each relationship. Of course in the bedroom it can go both ways. 
Me: Have you ever hit on a guy who ended up not being gay?
Richard: No, I've been lucky not to. I never thought of that happening...
Me: Were you scared to tell your parents?
Richard: Yes, but you can't live a lie and hide yourself. It is a major part of you and its just something you have to do.

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