Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 14

Day 14: Sarah
Age: 22
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Houston
Connection to me: none

Me: Do you live with your parents?
Sarah: Yes
Me: So they are married?
Sarah: Actually, no they are divorced but still live together. 
Me: Do they sleep in the same room?
Sarah: No, no physical contact between them.
Me: Why?
Sarah: I dont know. When I was in highschool they said they stayed together for me but now I'm in college and they are still living together.
Me: Do they fight a lot?
Sarah: They argue, but much less than before.
Me: Do they see other people?
Sarah: No.
Me: Was the divorce hard for you?
Sarah: Yes, they would argue a lot and my mom would take her anger out on me. 
Me: Why do they still live together?
Sarah: My fathers a pastor. It could be for his image. Many people don't even know they are divorced, even after all these years. I think my mom is afraid to leave because she is just so used to living with my dad. The main reason they got divorced was money, don't let an object like that tear your family apart. 

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