Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 12

Day 11: Brittany
Age: 19
Major: Fine Art
Hometown: Ft. Worth, TX
Connection to me: Art History 2

Me: Do you live with your parents?
Brittany: Yes, I live with my mom and step-dad but my step-dad is kicking me out soon. My dad is messed up.
Me: How is he messed up?
Brittany: He is bipolar and wont take his meds. 
Me: Tell me about your hairstyle.
Brittany: Its practical. I used to have really long hair but it kept getting knotted.
Me: Do you smoke? Do drugs?
Brittany: Nope, my dad did all that, I saw it and said no I don't want to do that.
Me: What religion are you?
Brittany: Neopagen. It is similar to gardinary mukka which is British traditional witchcraft.
Me: So you believe in witchcraft?
Brittany: It depends how you would define it. I believe that to get in the right state of mind, yes it works.
For example, when my ex-boyfriend left me I went to the hospital for depression and it helped me open myself up to love again. It trains you to open up to certain things and close yourself to others.
Me: Did you hurt yourself?
Brittany: No, my dad is bipolar and always said if you ever feel like this you should take yourself to the hospital. 
Me: Do you have bipolar disorder? 
Brittany: Depression yes. Bipolar, I'm beginning to wonder especially because I'm on similar medication as my dad. I'm much better now than I was then. I say, if you plan on committing suicide, wait a year. If you're that miserable and can't wait, then I understand. 

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