Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 6

Day 6: Hussein
Age: 20 and some change (21)
Major: Economics
Hometown: Mali, Africa
Connection to me: None

Me: Why did you decide to come to America?
Hussein: I wanted to learn English.
Me: What languages do you speak?
Hussein: English, French, Spanish, Swahili and a bit of Arabic.
Me: You are Muslim, yes?
Hussein: Yep.
Me: Do you like it here?
Hussein: Not really, I like the women.
Me: What don't you like?
Hussein: I don't like the policies and rules.
Me: And the rules are better in your hometown?
Hussein: No, they are worse, but here you have to work your whole life, America is the only country you have to do that or else you'll end up on the streets. Taxes are high and discrimination is bad.
Me: Have you had any bad experiences with discrimination?
Hussein: A few weeks ago I couldn't get into Club Richies because I'm black. They said its a white club. They have a line for all other races but white people can go straight in.
Me: Thats crazy!
Hussein: What are you, Christian?
Me: No I'm Jewish.
Hussein: Jewish people are the smartest people.
Hussein's Friend: No, they just know how to play their cards right.
Me: You have to be smart to know how to play your cards right.
Hussein: There was a scientific research that showed if you put 100 white people together, 60 will be smart but if you put 100 Jews together, 80 will be smart.
Me: Do you hate Jews?
Hussein: I don't hate anyone. With religion, you're either with it, or you're not.

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