Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 5

Day 5: Edrick
Age: 16
Major: Biomedical and Psychiatry
Hometown: Houston
Connection to me: None

Me: What are you doing here, at 16 years old?
Edrick: I'm still in highschool, doing dual credits.
Me: I wish I had done that, how long have you been here for?
Edrick: 2 years.
Me: What grade are you in?
Edrick: 12th grade.
Me: So when you graduate highschool, you'll have an associates degree?
Edrick: Yes and next year I will go to MIT.
Me: Wow, you already got accepted?
Edrick: Not yet, but they told me they'd love for me to come. I'll either go to MIT or NYU. I would go to NYU for their debate team.
Me: You debate?
Edrick: Yeah, I debate for the Houston Urban Debate League. I'm the Second Tier (second best) in the whole Houston area.
Me: How did you start debating?
Edrick: It was required in my highschool and I just loved it. Now I'm a debating coach at my highschool.
Me: You're so young and you've done so much.
Edrick: I haven't done anything yet.
Me: What would you like to do with your degree?
Edrick: Well, my favorite country is Brazil. I'd like to move there and help improve their medicare, especially with psychiatry. 
Me: Have you ever been to Brazil?
Edrick: No, but this summer I have an internship with NACO, an oil company in Brazil. 
Me: You are so mature, I can't believe your only 16.
Edrick: Well like my highschool principle tells us, we have an image that we have to keep up with. Always remember who you are and where you came from. 

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  1. Love this one sheva!! :D very interesting indeed