Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 2

Day 2: Julia
Age: 22
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Russia
Connection to me: Art History 1

Me: When did you come to America?
Julia: 2 years ago.
Me: Do you like it here?
Julia: I have mixed feelings. I like it and hate it at the same time.
Me: What do you like about it?
Julia: This is the country of freedom, you can do whatever you want and there is so much opportunity here.
Me: What do you hate about it?
Julia: I hate that all my family is in Russia, so far away. I feel very alone. Holidays are the worst because I am by myself. 
Me: Do you have a boyfriend?
Julia: Yes
Me: Is he American? Russian?
Julia: No, he is Israeli.
Me: He is Jewish?
Julia: Yes
Me: I'm Jewish!
Julia: He says that if we will get married, I have to convert first. Is that true?
Me: Well, being Jewish comes from the mother so if he marries you, your children will not be Jewish which stops the line. It's a big deal.
Julia: I dont know how my parents would take it....
Me: I see your wearing a cross around your neck.
Julia: Yes, whenever I'm with him he tells me to take it off.
Me: I dont blame him.
Julia: (Sigh) life is so complicated.
Me: Yes, it is.

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